A Just War Mike Pratt


Published: July 2nd 2013

Kindle Edition

324 pages


A Just War  by  Mike Pratt

A Just War by Mike Pratt
July 2nd 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 324 pages | ISBN: | 9.64 Mb

Saddam Hussein did have WMD and he was supporting Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. A JUST WAR chronicles the war in Iraq and how the intelligence bureaucracy failed to find the WMD that Saddam admitted to having, and how he concealed it long before the war even started.President George W. Bush and the American People were at the mercy of incompetent bureaucrats within the intelligence community.

This was how the 9/11 attacks happened as well as how the WMD that Iraq had were never publicly acknowledged and how future attacks cannot be prevented. These problems were created because of unaccountable intelligence management and out of control bureaucratic stupidity as well as a politically motivated institutional insurrection against President Bush.A Just War tells the true side of Saddams strategic plans, the actual existence of Iraqi WMD and the use of torture. The limited tactical intelligence that torture yielded was strategically disastrous and created more enemies than it stopped- however in spite of these and other mistakes the war was completely justified.

What the Iraqi people told us, showed us, and what I found there as an Army Intelligence Agent prove that the war in Iraq was not only justified, but happened too late.

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